This is me, an electrician and I’m not a photographer by profession. Photography has been a hobby since I was 8 when I got my first analog camera.

Marko Tončič

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in November 1966

I attended the photo club in elementary school, and the video club in high school.
Because I am an electrician I worked as a lighting engineer on national TV. Then as a video editing producer on the first commercial TV in Slovenia.

I make a lot of TV graphics for commercials and other video production. I left TV and got a job as a graphic designer in the marketing of a company that manufactures Akrapovič exhaust systems.
In my work, I needed a lot of photos of products for advertisements, brochures, websites, social networks… That’s why I started taking photos of products, motorcycles and sports cars myself. Quite a few other graphic designers were employed in the company and I remained as a product photographer.

My photos for Akrapovič product reach an average of 5K likes, 10K likes and up to 115K likes on Instagram.

After the mountain bike accident, I was no longer able to mountain bike or do other sports, but I could walk a lot. That I’m not just in the photo studio and at the computer, I started doing street photography on my walks in my spare time.

Social media: Instagram